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Weight Loss

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Whether it's summer coming that's got you motivated or something else entirely, now is always a great time to start thinking about weight loss for those of us carrying a few extra kilos (or more!)

With so many weight loss products and programmes on the market, which is the right one to choose? We believe that the key to a successful weight loss programme is one that can be tailored to you as an individual. You are unique! This means that each person requires a different approach. That is why at Unichem Manly Pharmacy, our weight loss programme is not a system but rather an individual consultation with you, where we build a personalized plan for you to follow. A plan that not only focuses on weight loss but also works with you to help improve your long term health and well being.

We've found that there are some fundamental elements to a weight loss programme that support success:

First and most importantly, a person who wants to make a change - you! Making the decision to embark on your weight loss journey is the first and most important step.

A coach is another vital component to a successful formula. At Unichem Manly Pharmacy, we have qualified healthcare practitioners to help you make your plan. But more importantly they will be your support person to help you be accountable, meeting you on a regular basis to enable you to stick with that plan. They'll share tips and strategies and monitor your progress.

Goals are also important. They help you to stay focussed and are especially useful on those hard days when temptations are everywhere and things get tough. Remember it's not just about the number. What else do you want to achieve?

We'll also look to see if nutritional support might assist you with your weight loss journey. Again, this is dependent on  YOUR body. Some people need support with carbohydrate metabolism and/or health blood sugar balance, others need help with liver detoxification, gut dysbiosis or even nutritional balance. We also have a selection of VLCD diet shakes and meal replacement bars that we can use as tools.

Let us help you find the best solution for you and your body and the best pathway to success.

Join our Weight Loss Clinic for a complete 6 week starter programme for just $60. This is available for HALF price if your first appointment is before 30th September. Just call us on 424-7708 to book your appointment or visit our website on .

Weight Loss Clinic excludes costs for any products.

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