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Sachet Packs

Pack My Pills!

As we get older, medication becomes part of our day to day. With our busy schedules it is all too easy to forget what we have taken and when. At Unichem Manly we can provide you with a stress free , easy way to take your medication.

How it Works

Our sachet medication management solution provides you with a simple, very modern method of taking your medication.

Each sachet contains  your medication for a particular date and dose time. Your sachets are dispensed from a box in chronological order.  The medication in your sachets is available for immedicate use or can be taken with your for later.

The sachet's easy tear-packaging the medication sachet makes it simple to access the your medication


Personalised For You

  • Your sachet can be packed into a weekly or monthly system

  • Sachets can be customised to most suitable dose time for you

  • We will provide you with an up-to-date medication chart for specialist visits or emergencies

  • There is a helpful warning system as you get towards the end of your pack

  • Friendly  prescription reminder service

  • Easy to change packs if medication changed or stopped.


Automated Dispensing Machine

Our state of the art sachet pack automated dispensing system has been acquired from the southern hemisphere's largest and most experienced supplier of medicine packing solutions, Meditec.

For More Information

Our friendly team is here to help. Our qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are only to happy to assist you with any questions you might have.  You know, having an automated dispensing machine gives us more time to spend with you! You are very welcome to come in store or phone on (09) 424-7708

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