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Cold or Flu

For most, it is hard to distinguish between a cold and a flu. Although those that have actually had the flu will tell you that “you REALLY know when you’ve got the flu!”  And we must also never forget, that flu symptoms are very similar to symptoms of meningitis, so it pays to be vigilant.


So...Cold or Flu?

Colds symptoms usually appear gradually and may include a hacking or phlegmy cough, sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, mild headache, and sometime slight aches, low grade fever and mild chest discomfort.  Influenza or flu  on the other had comes on more suddenly and may include a dry, non-phlegmy cough, moderate to severe headache, high fever moderate to severe tiredness, chest discomfort and severe aches .


Unfortunately both colds and flu are caused by viruses, so can’t be treated with antibiotics. You can treat the symptoms with throat lozenges for sore throats, cough mixtures for coughs and nasal sprays for stuffy noses amongst other things. Your best bet is to check with your friendly pharmacist about what might suit you. As well as checking you don’t have a more serious bacterial infection and need a trip to the doctor.

Natural Therapies

There are also natural health remedies to consider. They may help to decrease the severity of the cold or flu and decrease the length of time of your illness. Echinacea is now one of the most recognized herbal supplements used in the treatment of colds and flu. Zinc and vitamin C are also well known for their immune boosting properties.  You can find these ingredients in easily chewable, tasty kid’s formulas or combination capsules for adults.

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