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Health Consultation Services We Offer:


At Unichem Manly Pharmacy we choose to provide a high level of service to our patients. We are also pretty good at getting selected to pilot new services, so our patients benefit with early access to some great assistance. But lots of you out there don't know what my fellow pharmacists and I can do. So here's just some of what we have on offer at Unichem Manly Pharmacy:


Need Your Repeats?


Let us know and we will get them ready for you!
Urinary Tract Infections (Full Consultation Required)
If you have a urinary tract infection and meet certain criteria, our trained pharmacists can prescribe you with antibiotics for this infection after a short consultation.
Medicine Reviews

This wonderful service is funded by Waitemata DHB to help you have an in-depth understanding of your medicines and how to get the best from them. It involves a personalized consult with our trained pharmacists. We always have great feedback from those who have used the service. Just call for an appointment.

Morning After Pill 

The morning after pill, sometimes referred to as "Plan B", may be prescribed by one of our specially trained pharmacists after a consultation.

Sachet Packs

Our wonderful pharmacy tecnicians use our robot to pack your medicines into personalised daily sachets. These can further be divided into different times eg. breakfast doses and dinner doses. They are simple to usse and a great reminder system. See "Sachet Packs" 


Our pharmacists are now able to prescribe antibiotic eye drops to help if you have an eye infection.

Smoking Cessation

If you want to give up smoking, come and see us! Pharmacists are now able to prescribe Nicotine Replacement Therapy and give counselling.

Warfarin Testing

Unichem Manly Pharmacy has been chosen to provide blood testing and management of Warfarin doses for patients. Results are available to patients within minutes. For enquiries about this service, please consult with our pharmacists.

Emergency Supply

If you are caught without any long term medication and cannot get your prescription in time, our pharmacist are here to help. We can provide you with a 3 day supply to "tide you over'" until you are able to get your prescription from the doctor. (Note that certain medicines are not available)

Vaginal Thrush

If you think you might have vaginal thrush, come and speak to us at the pharmacy as we are able to sell both creams and tablets for vaginal thrush.

Erectile Dysfunction

Our specially qualified pharmacists can talk with you in a private consultation and may prescribe Sildenafil.


Unichem Manly Pharmacy has been accredited to provide both influenza and COVID vaccinations.  Once COVID boosters are allowed, you can book easily on line via We also take walk ins for flu and for COVID vaccinations.

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