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The Tight Jeans Project

It is truly surprising how much being overweight affects your state of health. More importantly, that just a small weight loss can make a big difference to your overall health.

Did you know that as many as half of overweight people with high blood pressure may have that high blood pressure simply as a result of being overweight?  Studies show that if you are overweight, your blood pressure may start to decrease after just a 1 kg weight loss. Losing 4.5 kg or more can have the same effect as taking blood pressure medication.

If you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee and are overweight, losing weight will also prove helpful. You may get more pain free movement and it may decrease the amount of pain killers you need to take. This is because with each step, every additional kilogram of weight you carry, places an additional 3 to 6 kg of force on your knee.

If you have type 2 diabetes, research shows that losing weight can help you to reduce, delay or for some, even do away with your diabetes medications. However, dieting with diabetes can be complex and so needs to be done safely with a health professional.  For those recently diagnosed as pre-diabetes, even moderate weight loss may reduce your risk of developing diabetes by as much as 54 percent. 

High blood cholesterol, back pain and certain sleep issues are just a few of the other health problems, where properly managing your weight can make a difference.

So how much weight would you need to lose in order to gain that healthier you? Studies indicate that if you are overweight, losing 5 to 10% of your total body weight can lead you to better health. That means that if you are 80kg, then 5 to 10% of your body weight would be 4 to 8 kg. 

It has also been proven that losing this weight over a six month period will allow you a better chance of maintaining your weight loss in the long term. 

So is there a perfect weight loss solution? To be effective you will need a combination of diet, exercise, strategies and your own personal cheerleader!  At Unichem Manly Pharmacy we have the expertise to help you find the right solution and the enthusiasm to coach you to a great result. Join our "Tight Jeans Project" and let us help you on your journey to a healthier, slimmer you. Book your personal appointment today on (09) 424-7708.