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French Pear Collection

Apples and pears have been cultivated in New Zealand since Europeans first settled here. Missionary Samuel Marsden, introduced the first apple and pear trees to KeriKeri, Bay of Islands in 1819. Our Greenhouse range is filled with enticing scent - French Pear is one of our most popular fragrances! Enjoy pampering your body as this skincare is enriched with New Zealand Mānuka honey, botanical oils and fruit extracts


Original Frangipani and Lime Collection

The bountiful South Pacific with it’s heavenly, rich florals and citrusy limes ill these body treats and room fragrances with relaxation. A slice of the warm tropics that’s yours to enjoy. Presented in hand-painted watercolours unique to Banks & Co


Wild Citrus collection

Celebrate the rich heritage of New Zealand’s native flora in this carefully curated and crafted range.
Luxury New Zealand-made skincare enriched with Mānuka Honey and loads of plant oils and butters! The Wild Citrus Skincare is enriched with Mānuka honey & Lemongrass oil

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