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Which Sunscreen?

It's going to get sunny, so time for making that sunscreen purchase. There are loads of different sunscreens available and with all the recent controversy surrounding quality, you want to make sure you pick the right one for you and your family. At Unichem Manly Pharmacy, our experts can help you with choosing. Here's some questions you'll want to think about.

What SPF is best? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and gives you an indication of how long the sunscreen will be effective for. The reality is that we are not the best at applying our sunscreens, so if you are not sure, it's best to have a higher safety margin and use at least SPF 50.

Water resistant or not? If you're planning on swimming or for that matter simply sweating, then water resistance should be a factor in choosing your sunscreen. Always remember to reapply after drying off and every two hours.

Face or body? Since facial and body skin differ, it is worth considering separate sunscreens for each. Face sunscreens with tint can provide your face with that healthy glow. Plus don't forget your lips are very sensitive and don't respond well to sunburn!

Spray or lotion? Whilst sprays seem more convenient, to ensure a uniform covering over your body, you will still need to rub it in. Using a lotion means you don't have to suck in all the aerosol while doing so! 

Chemical versus physical? There are two main types of sunscreen. A chemical sunscreen absorbs UV rays, converts them into energy and releases it from the body. Whereas physical sunscreens simply deflect the rays, without the need for this chemical reaction. Both come with benefits and drawbacks. For instance, physical sunscreen are less likely to irritate the skin. Chemical sunscreens are easier to rub in.

Environmentally friendly? The term "reef safe" means the sunscreen is free of chemical ingredients and small particles known to damage and potentially kill coral reefs, which might factor in your decision making particularly if you are headed overseas.

Yes, it is a whole load of decisions! So come and see our experts and they can help you find the right sunscreen to keep you safe all summer.

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